Computer and Data Security: UK Government

Computer and data security is huge priority for the UK government. The UK includes a wide range of geographical regions. These regions contain people from all over the world. While most people are law-abiding citizens, others wish to do the public harm. Thus, security measures are in place to keep people from gaining sensitive information. Criminals infiltrate data to gain financial advantages over others. They also do this to target people through terrorist attacks. The events of 911 in the United States led to increased security all over the world. The UK uses intelligence and proactive measures to prevent issues.

There is a fine line between protecting the public, while avoiding rights violations. People are free to speak their minds. However, some of these people discuss hacking techniques, for example. The UK government uses a system to identify potentially harmful people. These people are monitored closely. Their computer searches might be monitored, and the movement of money might be traced to different accounts to ensure that it is being used properly. Most residents of the UK realise that their government has their best interests in mind. Monitoring procedures are essential to prevent the leakage of important data.

The Sony attack on the U.S. by North Korea was a major issue. Essentially, some residents of North Korea were upset about a new movie entitled, “The Interview.” The movie poked fun at North Korea’s leadership, and this infuriated people. As a result, hackers gained access to confidential emails. These emails contained money logs, discussions about actors, and other embarrassing and sensitive information. The UK government takes steps to ensure that this same type of attack does not take shape domestically. They use a team of people to protect important information, and security is updated. Hackers wish to gain access to information to rip people off, or to implement scare tactics. The government ensures that this does not happen. Terrorists are increasingly using social media platforms and online access to spread their messages. This requires the UK government to be on high alert.

Security updates are extremely important to prevent disasters from taking place. Hackers and terrorists are professionals. They understand how to overcome the latest security measures to gain access to the intelligence that they desire. A team within the defence department steps its game up whenever there is an increased chance for an attack on computer data. Methods go far beyond simply changing passwords the way regular citizens do to protect their bank accounts. Tracking information is used to identify dangerous people, and encryption methods are used as well.

Business protection is high on the UK government’s priority list. If important data becomes public, this could create major issues for the people who rely on the companies. Corporate leaders often meet with government officials to ensure that their methods are up to date. This is especially true for companies who deal with international affairs. Electronic communications are watched closely to protect businesses from losing millions of dollars.